Kameda senior set to lose license

Kyodo News

The Japan Boxing Commission said Wednesday it will move to void the boxing license of Shiro Kameda, the father of former WBC flyweight champion Koki Kameda, after he launched a violent verbal tirade against fight officials following his eldest son’s failed attempt to unify the title.

Kameda, whose corner license had already been suspended indefinitely in 2007, spewed invective on those involved in the decision after his son lost to Pongsaklek Wonjongkam of Thailand, now the undisputed champion, on March 27 in Tokyo.

The JBC said the decision to nullify Kameda’s license, the harshest punishment that can be invoked by the boxing body, will be finalized on April 13.

“It was a unanimous decision by the members to give him a severe punishment,” said Shinichi Saito, a JBC high-ranking official.

Once his boxing license has been annulled, Kameda will be barred from participating in any activities related to professional boxing.