Asashoryu cruises to third victory

Yokozuna Asashoryu dismantled No. 3 maegashira Miyabiyama to make it three wins out of three at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Asashoryu put on another sumo clinic in the day’s final bout at Ryogoku Kokugikan, quickly locking on to the former ozeki’s belt and slam-dunking him to the dirt to preserve his perfect record. Miyabiyama dropped to 1-2.

In other key bouts, ozeki Kaio and Tochiazuma ground out workmanlike wins and Chiyotaikai completed a triumphant day for wrestlers at sumo’s second-highest rank.

Tochiazuma got back on track after a shock loss to Wakanosato by blasting out fourth-ranked Kaiho (1-2) to improve to 2-1 while Kaio stayed perfect after yanking winless Kyokutenho around by his arm and ushering him out of the ring.

Chiyotaikai (3-0) unleashed a flurry of trademark arm thrusts to see off Kotomitsuki (1-2) but appeared to aggravate his sore knee in the process.

Elsewhere, No. 2 maegashira Toshinonada (1-2) overpowered komusubi Wakanosato. Kokkai (1-2), the No. 2 maegashira from the former Soviet republic of Georgia, took out sekiwake Tosanoumi (1-2). Hakuho, another sekiwake, lost to fourth-ranked Iwakiyama (1-2). Hakuho dropped to 2-1.

In an all-European match-up, rugged Russian grappler Roho (2-1), a top-ranked maegashira, got the better of fifth-ranked Bulgarian Kotooshu (1-2).

Earlier, crowd pleaser Takamisakari (1-2) beat Mongolian trickster Kyokushuzan (2-1) for his first win of the tournament.