Review excerpt: Wakon is the first offshoot in Tokyo of Sushi Masuda, whose chef, Rei Masuda, trained for nine years under legendary sushi master Jiro Ono — the eponymous star of that documentary.

Review excerpt: More than 230 years since Izuu's opening, the recipe and the ingredients have hardly changed.

Review excerpt: As well as being small, Sushi Chiharu is busy. That’s because for ¥2,800, this is one of the best-value sushi lunches in Osaka.

Review excerpt: It's already clear that chef Sato is not just content to serve superlative sushi; his aim is to take the genre to the next level at Hakkoku.

Review excerpt: Sushi Shin offers a welcome sushi break from the maddening crowds beyond the noren; they just need to iron out a few wasabi kicks.

Review excerpt: Masa specializes in serving affordable sushi in a cheerful atmosphere. The bulk of the sushi is priced from ¥100 to ¥300.

Review excerpt: Kyoto's Nanaezushi is a little treasure, an authentic holdover from a time when sushi was neither an expensive fetish nor a gimmick but instead a quotidian delicacy made by specialists.

Review excerpt: Whether it’s delicate, translucent shiro-ebi (white shrimp), straight from Toyama Bay, or nodoguro (blackthroat seaperch) briefly swished in dashi soup stock, the quality at Sushi Jin is first-rate.

Review excerpt: The first thing you should know about Izuju’s Kyozushi (Kyoto’s sweet style of sushi) is that it’s best eaten without soy sauce. The condiment is not offered on each table, but will be provided if you ask. After visiting the restaurant, I ...

Review excerpt: Hako sushi features prominently on the menu at Yoshino Sushi, but there are alternatives. No bite-size sushi came with my Mushizushisen set lunch (¥3,000), a seasonal option that is only offered in winter. Instead, the meal’s centerpiece — the mushizushi — was ...

Review excerpt: The meal at Sushi Gyoten opens with a succession of tsumami (appetizers), both raw and cooked. These include chinmi (unusual “delicacies”), to munch on with your opening sake, including karasumi (bottarga, cured mullet roe), uni (sea urchin) or slices of excellent, succulent ...

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