The selection of restaurants and hotels to be listed in Michelin Guide Tokyo 2017 was announced online Tuesday, including four restaurants that have received a three-star rating for 10 years running.

Though no new establishments earned three stars, Japanese dining restaurant Kanda, the main branch of sushi bar Sukiyabashi Jiro, and French restaurants Quintessence and Joel Robuchon retained the highest rating, held since the Japanese edition of the guide was launched in 2007.

Out of a total of 542 restaurants and 43 hotels, 66 made the list for the first time, including Japanese restaurant Miyasaka and sushi bar Amamoto, both of which received two stars.

Newly-added establishments include 16 that received one star and 48 listed under Bib Gourmand, or restaurants that did not earn stars but are recommended by Michelin with affordable meals.

In other changes, sushi bar Masuda and tempura restaurant Ginya both moved up to two stars from one. Italian restaurant Regaro, yakitori shop Bird Land and ramen shop Nakiryu moved up to a one-star rating after being listed under Bib Gourmand last year.

By allowing restaurants of all genres to be included in the Bib Gourmand category, operators Nihon Michelin Tire Co. and Gurunavi, Inc. said the latest edition features a wider variety of restaurants than in previous years. French, Italian and Japanese restaurants were exclusively accepted in the category until last year.

Under the hotel category, Hoshinoya in Chiyoda Ward became the first ryokan (Japanese style inn) to be listed in the Michelin guide.

The full list is can be viewed at no charge until the end of Thursday via the Japanese edition of the Club Michelin website ahead of the release of the print edition on Friday.

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