Review excerpt: Bees Bar by Narisawa — the name is a nod to Narisawa’s logo — is the ideal bar as a place to limber up with aperitifs or close out an extended meal with a few postprandials.

Fine ice crystals shimmer on the surface; the cloudy liquid resembles the mist in a crystal ball. The first sip is pert, relaxing into a smooth-textured mellowness that speaks of maturity approaching wisdom — the fruit of 10,000 hours of practice.

One of the tastiest things on the menu at 3 Stories Bar, other than the original taco rice (¥680 excluding tax), is the banana in egg roll wrapping, which is fried and served with a side of vanilla ice cream (¥580 excluding tax). It ...

Aurora Lounge, located on the 45th floor of the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, is one of the most non-drinker friendly places in Tokyo. Its 45 Refresh! Non Alcohol Cocktail menu has as many cocktails as floors that the lounge is from the ground.

Customers are first greeted by the owner's dog, an adorable Shiba Inu that goes by the name Hana-chan and enjoys a pat on the head while you sip on the bar's original cocktails.

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