Equifax hack put more personal data at risk than consumers knew

The Equifax data breach exposed more of consumers' personal information than the company first disclosed last year, according to documents given to U.S. lawmakers. The credit reporting company announced in September that the personal information of 145.5 million consumers had been compromised in a data breach. It originally said that the ...

/ Feb 10, 2018

Uber to pay $245 million to settle Waymo's theft allegations

Uber is paying $245 million to Google's self-driving car spinoff to end a legal brawl that aired out allegations of a sinister scheme that tore apart the once-friendly companies. The surprise settlement announced Friday came as lawyers for Uber and Waymo, a company hatched from ...

Facebook bans ads tied to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

/ Jan 31, 2018

Facebook bans ads tied to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Facebook Inc. is banning ads on its social network that promote cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings and binary options, saying they're "frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices." The announcement came after about ¥58 billion ($532 million) in cryptocurrency was stolen from Tokyo-based virtual currency ...

/ Jan 30, 2018

Pocket-size device decodes human genome with 99.88% accuracy

Scientists used a portable device no bigger than a cellphone to sequence the most complete human genome ever assembled with a single technology, according to a study published Monday. The breakthrough, detailed in the journal Nature Biotechnology, brings us closer to the day when family ...