Food & Drink | WINE WAYS Mar 29, 2001

Bodegas Bilbainas -- an estate of grace

by Davis Barrager

I couldn't have asked for a better location to write the last Wine Ways: on a sun-bathed veranda, caressed by a soft spring breeze, overlooking the broad, bustling Ramlas, Barcelona's magnificent promenade. From here I set out a few weeks ago to visit the world-renowned ...

Food & Drink | WINE WAYS Mar 8, 2001

Rendezvous at Foodex

by Davis Barrager

Japan's wine world is once again gearing up for the biggest event of the year: Foodex Japan 2001, the massive annual international food and drinks event to be held March 13-16 in the sprawling halls of the Nippon Convention Center (Makuhari Messe). The 26th ...

Food & Drink | WINE WAYS Feb 8, 2001

All good wines must converge

by Davis Barrager

For winemakers in the Southern Hemisphere (specifically in South Africa, South America, Australia and New Zealand), February is a very important month -- just before the harvest in March, half a year or more before harvest time in the Northern Hemisphere. For wine lovers, February ...

Food & Drink | WINE WAYS Jan 25, 2001

Wine with Chinese? Sure, why not?

by Davis Barrager

Once again it's time to say Happy Chinese New Year. I just realized that this occasion was fast approaching a few days ago, halfway through a voluminous "single" portion of piquant pork and vegetables at my friendly neighborhood Sichuan restaurant. To start the celebration ...

Food & Drink | WINE WAYS Nov 9, 2000

Tummy-warming marc and brandy

by Davis Barrager

Today is the 11th anniversary of the big "Berlin Wall Bash," so let's clink and drink to that momentous event with, if you will, a white wine. I propose something German -- a riesling from Nierstein, a bone-dry Wurzberg Muller-Thurgau, or a sekt from ...

Food & Drink | WINE WAYS Oct 27, 2000

How to find the very best goat eggs

by Davis Barrager

"Any goat eggs today?" I asked with mock anxiety, and a face to match. Remy, the goat-cheese vendor at Leuven's morning market, wrung his hands. No, alas, he was fresh out of goat eggs. A little girl, dismayed, tugged nervously at her mother's sleeve. Still, Remy ...