Kamakura: So what’s Thanksgiving all about?


Matt Piaggi
Student, 22 (New Zealander)
Some American relatives came over and did Thanksgiving for us. My uncle stood up in front of us and said that it was about giving thanks for the family we’ve got. I loved the turkey we ate.

Clare Lack
Educator, 51 (American)
It started when the first settlers on the East Coast gathered after a long winter to share food with Native Americans. Of course now it’s a big day for football, but I don’t like football.

Scott Porter
Student, 21 (New Zealander)
In New Zealand we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but we know about it from American TV shows and movies. It’s about family and sitting around the table, sharing stories and eating good food.

Sandra Vallers
Teacher, 43 (American)
It’s just a time to give thanks for the things that you have, for family, health, shelter, etc. It’s a time to be with friends and family. We had a typical Thanksgiving yesterday and called back home.

Teacher, 60 (American)
Thanksgiving is all about getting together with family and enjoying each other. We did the whole nine yards with a turkey and everything yesterday, shared it with friends and had a lot of laughs.

Chris Vest
Instructor, 48 (American)
Thanksgiving is being grateful and thankful for the people that you love, your family, friends and your health. We had a Thanksgiving turkey dinner yesterday with friends.

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