Woman seeks owner of ring

Staff Report

A British woman who bought a secondhand Japanese van in the U.K. is looking for the owner of a platinum ring adorned with a blue gem that she found under the carpet in the backseat.

The van is a silver Nissan Elgrande with darkened windows and was manufactured in Japan in 1998.

Sunara Isherwood, a resident of Yorkshire, says she purchased the van last year. She has no detailed documentation of how it was shipped from Japan to Britain or where in Japan it was originally registered.

Isherwood, 38, says she initially thought about selling the ring but decided not to, figuring it must be precious to someone in Japan. Isherwood contacted The Japan Times and says she would be happy if she could track down the owner.

Inquiries or information about the ring should be sent by email to community@japantimes.co.jp