What will you remember most about the Beijing Olympics?


Eric Sun, 27 (Chinese)
Asst. project manager
I’ll remember it as the first time that China surpassed the United States to win the most gold medals. It really makes me feel proud of my country.

April Nigh, 28 (U.S.)
Developmt. associate
I will definitely remember those “fuwa” (Olympic mascots). I will also remember it as a time when Beijing didn’t have the most infuriating traffic jams on a daily basis.

Maria Font (Spanish)
Marketing manager, 24
It was great to see so many people from so many different countries. But the food at the venues wasn’t very good. They only had Coke, popcorn and so on.

Ren Ning (Chinese)
Chinese teacher, 21
I’ll remember the opening ceremony. It showed the power of China and the unity of its people. It was an opportunity to show the world our culture and our history.

Shuhei Aoyama (Japan)
Architect, 28
I’ll remember the Bird’s Nest, which represents the emerging confidence of China. I think the opening ceremony was one of the best shows of the last few decades.

Morgan Carroll (U.S.)
File clerk/dancer, 20
It’s nice to just be here, dance and be able to touch people in a spiritual way. The world’s eyes are on China and it’s a great opportunity for the government to open up.