What will Prime Minister Abe be remembered for?


Ian Fraser
Teacher, 43 (Australian)
Trying to change the Constitution — especially the nonmilitary side. I think Japan needs to remember its recent history and avoid getting in that nasty situation again.

Hitomi Nomura
Housewife, 31
I’m from the same town as Abe and when I went home, I saw so many souvenirs — even chocolates in the shape of his wife! So I wonder what will happen to all those things.

Shuji Ito
Construction architect, 31
His selection of Cabinet members. So many of them quit or were involved in money scandals. It wasn’t all Abe’s fault, but he chose those people.

Shawn Kelly
Teacher, 36 (Canadian)
I won’t remember him like I remember (Junichiro) Koizumi. His hair wasn’t was nice as Koizumi’s and I’m not sure if he’s as much of an Elvis fan.

Miziki Hashimoto
Shop staff, 30
He always looked straight into the camera on TV. PR tried to stop him and other people didn’t like it, but it made me think he was very nice and straightforward.

Teresa Shun
PR, 26 (Hong Kong)
He visited the war shrine, which pissed off China, and he denied that Japan sent troops to China and that they raped women there. That created a big fuss in China.