Mortgages, free perms, two dogs


Home away from home

Robert writes: “Since mortgage rates in Japan are so low, I would like to know if any Japanese banks finance mortgages for individuals who do not live here for properties outside of Japan, i.e. Canada.”

It just so happens that I have some personal experience on this subject.

Some 18 months ago I took out a 5-year loan here to finance the refurbishment (for letting purposes) of a small house in London, and to buy out my sister’s share of what was formerly our mother’s home in Scotland.

I pay interest every quarter and must repay the sum borrowed in full by 2010.

The company that organized this for me was Magellan Tressider Tuoy — specialists in personal investment banking — located on the 7th floor of the My Square Building, 2-10-3 Azabu Juban, Minato Ward, Tokyo 106-0045.

Phone (03) 3769-5511, fax (03) 3769-5517 or e-mail mtt@magellantt.com.

Consultant Phillip Gibb of MTT replies to Robert as follows.

“The service you are seeking is a large part of our business. No Japanese banks provide this financing.

“However, we use a lender out of Hong Kong. The current rate is 2.35 percent and the maximum lending is 75 per cent of the value of the property.

“The loan term is 30 years or age 70 — whichever is the sooner.”

Phillip adds that the countries currently acceptable are Canada (British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta), the U.S. (Colorado, Hawaii, Florida, New York, California, Nevada, Washington state, Oregon, Connecticut, New Jersey), the U.K., the UAE (Dubai), France, Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand.

Free perms — straight up

Eduard writes on behalf of a Japanese friend who works for Molto Bene, a leading Japanese hair-product manufacturer (www.moltobene.co.jp/).

“Molto Bene is seeking non-Japanese girls/women who would like to take part in the final testing of the company’s latest straight perm. This perm, which has already successfully been tested in Japan as well as overseas, straightens hair really well and gives it a nice gloss.”

If you are interested, please contact Mio Nakajima at m_nakajima@moltobene.co.jp to arrange a time that would be convenient.

Molto Bene’s office (working hours 9 a.m.-4 p.m.) is conveniently situated at Takadanobaba Station in Tokyo. The campaign will run through to the end of August.

Wanted: One home for two

Satoshi and Catriona are desperate.

Catriona writes: “I have to leave Japan suddenly — a family emergency — but have two beautiful black Labradors (one male, one female) and can’t get them into Australia in time. Do you know anyone who would love them? We’re living in Kofu, Yamanashi.”

Call (055) 240-1012 or e-mail catriona@japan.email.ne.jp if you can help.

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