With a pension crisis looming, how do people plan to finance their twilight years?


Kei Kiyono
Export manager
I don’t believe in the government’s ability to provide for my generation, so I must rely on myself. I have a company pension and a small investment. I plan to work harder to save more.

Adam Russell
Lecturer, 35
Many countries are experiencing similar problems. In Australia, I will be starting a private scheme as there is a general awareness that we can not rely on the state system.

Shannon Jacobs
Technical editor, 50
I plan to retire in Japan and I have a corporate pension scheme. However, I believe the situation is overblown as there are a number of options available to deal with the problem.

Mika Shalton
The state pension payments are high and quite unlikely to benefit my generation. However, they are necessary in order to to hold up the welfare system as the birthrate is so low.

Yoji Hashimoto
Lecturer, 43
I think immigration presents Japan with the opportunity to open up and become more multicultural. It is inevitable, but the Japanese establishment doesn’t want to hear this.

Satomi Yamafuji
Engineer, 30
As a temporary worker the government deducts pension payments from my salary. However, I began a private scheme last year as I don’t believe it will be possible to claim my pension cash back.