What’s your greatest achievement?


Pari Solanki
Market research, 25
Climbing Mount Kenya was probably my greatest achievement so far. It took me three days to get to the top and I felt great once I was there. I cursed myself all the way up, but once I got there it was amazing.

Christine Agur
I managed to complete the New York Marathon in 2003 after five months of training. I thought that it would be a great goal to work toward. It felt really great to hear the spectators shouting my name as I ran by.

Gordon Fitzgerald
I think that learning Japanese is definitely my greatest achievement so far. I have been studying both Chinese and Japanese for 35 years now. It’s been tough, but I now know about three thousand kanji.

Yuskue Aoyagi
I haven’t, as yet, reached my ultimate goal in life. At the moment I am studying law, but I would like a change of direction in my career. I do hope that my greatest achievement in the future will be to become a medical doctor.

Jeff Connell
Engineer, 33
My greatest achievement has to be when I completed college. I think that it’s one of the most challenging things anyone can do. It was particularly hard work for me as I had a wife and two children at the time.

Shou Abe
I am really passionate about soccer and I have played the game all my life. My greatest achievement so far is that I have managed to play a game of soccer every single weekend since I was in elementary school.