Would you like to have children?


Satoko Woolala
Graphic designer, 39
Even if I were heterosexual, I wouldn’t want to have children. Japanese law only takes care of heterosexual families. Same-sex partners can make private contracts, but don’t both have legal rights to their children.

Olivia Moss
Legal translator, 3130
I want to have kids, but I don’t think Japan is a good place for lesbians to have kids right now. I think kids need a secure environment, but in this society it would be hard for them to be accepted, especially without financial or legal support.

Kim Hughes
Translator, 34
I think I want kids, but I would have to do more research. If I got together with like-minded people, I might have children here. I’d feel comfortable having a kid here because I could probably find good support systems.

Motoko Nakahigashi
Bartender, 45
I do want kids but it’s too late. I think Japan both is and isn’t a good place for lesbians to have kids. It is because we don’t have many strict homophobic religions. It isn’t because people here aren’t used to lesbians yet.

Joy Fajardo
Teacher, 25
I want a family but I don’t think I’d want one in Japan. Being Asian-American and a lesbian, I know what prejudices exist. Japanese law is not on the non-Japanese, let alone the lesbian side. It’s not a challenge I’d be willing to take on.

Laurie Walters
Translator, 32
I haven’t decided if I want to have kids, but I’m kind of leaning toward it. If I were going to do it, I wouldn’t mind doing it in Japan. I don’t think it’s the country that matters, but the people. Beautiful people have beautiful kids.