Are trains safe?


Yayoi Miyahara
Cook, 32
Japanese trains always run on time, but there have been accidents where the train comes off-track. I think JR should have more workers to protect people when the trains are crowded and to perform routine safety checks.

Rachel Barat
Teacher, 53
The trains are super safe. It’s like the Tube 30 years ago because they’re safe, clean and efficient. Accidents will happen, but with Yamanote incident last week, the train driver stopped the train as soon as he saw a problem ahead.

Elia Merzari
Nuclear engineer, 24
I think the service is really great here. The train service is one of the city’s greatest strengths. A problem like what happened last week in a city this size should be expected. Those things happen every year in Italy.

Kazunori Tani
Shopowner, 33
I think trains are OK, but planes are scary. Many people ride the train and people are always sitting next to me, so I worry more about pickpockets or drunk people getting sick on me, but I don’t think about accidents.

Emily Wilde
Marketing, 27
Day or night trains here are very safe. I’ve never had any delays or problems at all. People here respect your personal space. There’s not so much threat of some stranger getting off the train and following you home or something.

Paki Yamada
Consultant, 32
The biggest problem with trains now is that the trains are full of people who are tired and have a lot of stress. If there’s some problem, or something bad happens, passengers don’t have good communication with the station staff.