What will you do if or when the ‘big one’ hits?


Paul Jones
Golfer, 33
Run! With the work I do, I’m not usually near any buildings. I just tend to look up, always worried about what’s going to come down on me. I’d still be trying to run somewhere.

Keisuke Honyo
Beer brewer, 58
Stay calm, don’t run, don’t panic. Second is to turn off the gas. Third is to go outside. There is an old saying that during an earthquake you should go to a bamboo forest, because the ground is very stable there.

Naomi Cosolla-Kutsuna
PR worker, 32
Make sure your surrounding area is safe and check nothing is falling down. It’s when people panic that I’m not sure what will happen. If people study and prepare they shouldn’t panic as much.

Patrick Consolla-Kutsuna
Telecommunications, 34
Stay calm and have a predetermined meeting spot for friends and family. If an earthquake happens,everyone’s going to grab their keitai and you’re not going to get through.

Christian Di Gorgio
Finance, 31
We have an emergency kit and all the requisites; water, blankets, food etc. Don’t panic, but that’s easy to say when you haven’t been in a really bad earthquake.

Kumiko Terakado
Graphic designer, 31
Open the entrance door and clear an escape route. Grab wallet and passport — or some kind of ID — and get out of the house. I know the emergency exit for my workplace, but not for where I live.