Does North Korea pose a strong threat to Japan?


Stephen Edwards
Teacher, 35
I think Japan has to continue giving aid because Japan’s got an excellent record around the world for the giving of aid. Japan has the moral high ground and that’s important.

Noriko Murch
Administrator, 41
I don’t think it’s going to be a real threat. North Korea live in their own small world. They threaten other countries, but aren’t strong enough. The Japanese government should have a stronger stance.

John Murch
Hospitality, 43
I think North Korea possibly poses a threat to Japan, but I think Japan should continue to send aid to North Korea for North Korean people who are suffering.

Ponzi Ponzuric
Artist, 27
The country is breaking down from within. I don’t see how they’d have the financial means or ambition to attempt military action. But if they did, I think Japan would be way underprepared.

Junna Obu
Importer, 29
I don’t think so. They are such a poor country that they can’t even maintain an electricity supply. They’re going to keep threatening countries like Japan because they want aid. They act like a strong country, but they’re not.

Stacie Haskayne-Middleton
Accountant, 34
Yes, in terms of the effect in international relations and the other countries that might be involved, like China. Though probably North Korea don’t have it nailed.