How old is too old to teach?


Too old?

G. is a a 60-year-old native English speaking female who has earned a BS in Elementary Education and an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

She has taught at the pre-school level, elementary level, and most recently taught Child Development studies at Junior College level.

She is currently seeking a position teaching English to children in Japan, and is hoping to work here for a period of 1-3 years.

“My question is: Will my age be a problem for an employer, even though I am healthy, vigorous and highly motivated?”

My immediate reaction is that it sounds like any education facility would be lucky to have you on their staff.

Having said that, jobs are not as easy to find as in the past, and schools in general tend to employ younger teachers simply because they can pay them less.

If any readers — teachers especially — have experienced direct ageism, in terms of being turned down at an interview for being too old, we’d like to hear from you.

In the meantime G, I suggest you just go for it.

Japan Yellow Pages

Trevor in Brisbane, Australia, has heard there is a Japan Yellow Pages in English; if so, he wonders, where can he get one, as he’s hoping to establish some buisiness contacts here in Japan.

The autumn issue is just out, with a nice plug for EXPO 2005 Aichi and Yokoso Japan on the cover and inside.

There follows on near 600 pages of emergency numbers, government and associations, consumer information, business information, plus an overseas trade directory guide.

You can purchase the Japan Yellow pages in the books-about-Japan section of any bookstore that stocks English language titles (Kinokuniya, Maruen, Junkudo, Yaesu, etc.) The recommended retail price for the Yellow Pages is 2,100 yen.

From overseas, you should contact the publisher on 0081-3-3239-3501, or fax 0081-3-3237-8945. Alternatively, you can e-mail yellowpage@yellowpage-jo.com or visit www.yellowpage-jp.com


Linda is about to enter the minefield of getting the Internet hooked up at home, but says she is baffled by the choices.

“Also I have no idea of the pros and cons of yahoo broadband, ADSL, hikari fiber, etc! Any advice?”

We signed up a few months ago with Yahoo BB (broadband) and find their ADSL service good and efficient.

There were a few teething problems with reception, due to weather and living among hills, but now all is well. And the service is certianly very fast.

Since Yahoo have a very visible presence, and a strong marketing strategy, I’d go with them.

Check out their Web site in English on www.bbapply.com/