Who is the most interesting foreigner in Japan?


Chris Harritt
Student, 23
Patrick something. He graduated from Harvard and came to Japan without being able to speak any Japanese. At first he performed on the street in Shibuya with a Japanese partner. His show is “Eigo deshaberanight.” Now he’s fluent.

Yoko Hirooka
Student, 21
Makkun, the newscaster. He’s cool, really tall and good looking. He can speak fluent Japanese and he performs comedy in Japanese. He graduated from Harvard, but he doesn’t really seem like it.

Tomoko Ishikawa
Student, 21
Carlos Ghosn, the president of Nissan. He’s pretty famous in Japan for turning Nissan around when it was going down. In Japan, he’s looked at really positively, but he’s had to do some hard things, like fire people.

Toshi Watanabe
Translation, 26
George Hanson. He works for General Motors. He’s a manager in Japan. He grew up in Japan and went to an international school here. He sometimes appears in business magazines. Either his mum or dad is Japanese, but he doesn’t look it.

Eric Grover
English Teacher, 23
Bob Sapp. In this country everything is small, but he’s such a large man. He fits the stereotype of the typical American, very loud and big. He’s in excellent physical shape in a country where fitness is not so popular.

Juan Vargas
Project Manager, 31
Zico, the coach of the Japanese football team. He was one of the best players of his time and I think he might have been team captain when he played for the Brazilian team. He was one of my favorite players when I was growing up.