Business Nov 10, 2018

Nations set to decide fate of depleted bigeye tuna

Dozens of nations will convene in the coming week to decide the fate of one of the planet's most valuable fish: the bigeye tuna, backbone of a billion-dollar business that is severely overfished. Scientists shocked many in the industry last month when they warned that ...

International catch documentation plan eyed for Pacific bluefin tuna

Business Aug 21, 2018

International catch documentation plan eyed for Pacific bluefin tuna

Japan and other major fishing countries will likely introduce an international documentation system to better keep track of Pacific bluefin tuna catches as a step against overfishing, sources said Tuesday. The documentation plan is designed to certify fishing ports and methods to prevent illegal fishing ...

Business May 22, 2018

Pacific bluefin tuna stocks estimated to have risen 10%

The amount of Pacific bluefin tuna stocks rose 10 percent from 2014 to 21,000 tons in 2016, the Fisheries Agency said, citing an estimate by an international organization. In light of the recovery in stocks, Japan plans to propose an expansion of catch quotas at ...

Japan's fisheries still swimming upstream

National / Media | MEDIA MIX May 13, 2017

Japan's fisheries still swimming upstream

by Philip Brasor

In March, the internet news site posted a conversation between environmental journalist Tetsuji Ida and Waseda University researcher Yasuhiro Sanada, who writes about fisheries. During the talk, Sanada said that whaling is a "dead industry," and seemed to think that the ongoing controversy ...