National Sep 27, 2017

Yoshitomo Tokugawa, great-grandson of last shogun, dies at 67

Yoshitomo Tokugawa, a photographer and great-grandson of the last shogun, died of a heart attack Monday, people close to him said Wednesday. He was 67. His great-grandfather, Yoshinobu, was the 15th and last Tokugawa shogun who ceded political power to Emperor Meiji, ending the Edo ...

This special Horse Year kabuki's a real winner

Stage Jan 15, 2014

This special Horse Year kabuki's a real winner

by Rei Sasaguchi

Most kabuki plays have at their core a dramatic historical episode. Around this, there's generally a colorful, oft-times melodramatic and action-packed confection of intrigues, loyalties, romances, self-sacrifice and villainy founded on varying degrees of fact — or simply fashioned as pure fiction. In "Sanzenryō Haru ...