Sperm counts falling sharply in West

/ Jul 27, 2017

Sperm counts falling sharply in West

Sperm counts in men from America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have dropped by more than 50 percent in less than 40 years, researchers said on Tuesday. They also said the rate of decline is not slowing. Both findings — in a meta-analysis bringing together ...

'World's heaviest woman' hospitalized in Abu Dhabi

May 5, 2017

'World's heaviest woman' hospitalized in Abu Dhabi

An Egyptian believed to have been the world's heaviest woman before her surgery was hospitalized in Abu Dhabi on Thursday to continue treatment after a drastic weight-loss operation in India. Eman Ahmed Abd el-Aty weighed close to 500 kilograms (1,100 pounds) before surgery in Mumbai ...

/ Apr 4, 2017

Obesity in pregnancy seen raising epilepsy risk

Being overweight or obese in the first trimester of pregnancy has been linked to a higher risk of bearing a child with epilepsy, researchers said Monday. The study was based on data from 1.4 million children in Sweden, and was published in the Journal of ...

Woman who thought she was fat had 60-kg tumor

/ Mar 11, 2017

Woman who thought she was fat had 60-kg tumor

Mary Clancey once was resigned to being a plump old lady. Over 15 years she kept getting bigger despite dieting. But with her health deteriorating, her son persuaded her to go to a hospital. What doctors found astounded them: an ovarian cyst that had grown ...

/ Jan 29, 2017

Freezing fat: the new fad in plastic surgery

Move over liposuction, the new fad in fat is freezing it. As plastic surgeons, dermatologists and beauticians from around the world gather in Paris to analyze trends at the IMCAS esthetic congress, here is some of what's new: No cuts, no needles, no anaesthesia. With "coolsculpting," ...

/ Oct 29, 2016

Gene variant may drive hunger for high-fat foods

People with a variant of a particular gene prefer high-fat food compared to people without it, said a recent study, suggesting our dietary preferences may be at last partly pre-coded. Unexpectedly, the same individuals had a reduced taste for sugar, according to a recent study ...

/ Aug 25, 2016

Being overweight is linked to eight more kinds of cancer

Being overweight can raise the likelihood of being diagnosed with cancers of the stomach and digestive tract, as well as certain brain and reproductive tumors, international researchers said Wednesday. A report in the New England Journal of Medicine adds eight more kinds of cancer to ...