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Signage for Japan's top banks, MUFG Bank, Mizuho Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking in Tokyo.
BUSINESS / Companies
Oct 12, 2023
Japan’s top banks pay women about half of what men earn
The country has a relatively high labor participation rate for women, but many of the positions they occupy have little prospect of better pay.
Iranian rights activist Narges Mohammadi at the Defenders of Human Rights Center in Tehran in 2007. Mohammadi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.
Oct 6, 2023
Jailed Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi wins Nobel Peace Prize
The Norwegian Nobel Committee cited her “fight against the oppression of women in Iran and her fight to promote human rights and freedom for all.”
LeanIn.Org founder Sheryl Sandberg
BUSINESS / Companies
Oct 5, 2023
Women are asking for promotions, but men keep getting them
Women want to be leaders in the workplace, but employers are still passing them by in favor of their male counterparts.
Teacher Tarna Andrews at the local school grounds, ahead of a nationwide referendum on Indigenous issues, in Areyonga, Australia
Oct 5, 2023
In Australia's outback, Indigenous proposal struggles to inspire
In just over a week, Australians will vote on a referendum on Indigenous issues. However, the very people it is designed to help know little about it.
Protesters calling for the protection of human rights in Hong Kong gather in Tokyo on Sunday
JAPAN / Politics
Oct 1, 2023
Protesters in Tokyo target China on founding anniversary
Groups supporting Tibet, Uyghurs, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong and Taiwan came together to condemn China over alleged repression and genocide.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi address a joint meeting of Congress at the Capitol in Washington in June.
Oct 1, 2023
Modi’s Hindu nationalism stokes tension in Indian diaspora
Canadian and U.S. universities have become battlegrounds for critics and defenders of Hindu nationalism, punctuated by threats of violence and even death.
Armenian refugees from Nagorno Karabakh in the center of the town of Goris, Armenia, on Saturday
Oct 1, 2023
'How can we live with them?' Terrified Armenians flee Karabakh
According to a count by the Armenian authorities, 100,417 people have entered Armenia since Sept. 24.
Kenyan schoolchildren use computers in Nairobi on May 6.
WORLD / Society
Sep 28, 2023
Girls avoiding internet due to abuse and bias, report warns
A survey of more than 10,000 teens and their parents found that girls are constantly being told they are vulnerable and not competent online.
A woman with HTLV-1 from Okinawa Prefecture talks about her experience of being turned away at a clinic outside the prefecture.
JAPAN / Science & Health / Regional Voices: Okinawa
Sep 25, 2023
Website aims to shed light on little-known blood cancer virus
Awareness of HTLV-1, a virus that causes adult T-cell leukemia and other diseases, is low in Japan. A website called Hot Lives aims to change that.
Spain's players during during a training session in Oliva near Valencia, on Wednesday.
Sep 21, 2023
Women's soccer players in Spain to end boycott
As part of a deal to end the move, between six and nine senior officials of the football federation will be invited to leave their jobs or will be fired.
Sofia Coppola (right), Bill Murray (center) and Scarlett Johansson attend the Venice Film Festival to present their movie “Lost in Translation” in August 2003.
Sep 13, 2023
The complex legacy of ‘Lost in Translation,’ 20 years on
Sofia Coppola's acclaimed film relaunched Tokyo's global fame, but along the way it forgot to show its Japanese characters some love.
Former Spanish football federation chief Luis Rubiales' forced kiss on player Jenni Hermoso drew global protests from women's rights advocates.
Sep 12, 2023
Luis Rubiales quits, but women’s soccer in Spain is still troubled
Even after the federation chief's resignation over his forcible kiss of a player, pay disputes are threatening to disrupt domestic leagues.
Kaoru Sasaki (center) and her lawyers head to the Sapporo District Court on Monday for a damages suit seeking spousal benefits relating to her same-sex relationship.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Sep 11, 2023
Sapporo court denies spousal benefits to same-sex couple
According to lawyers, the lawsuit is Japan's first centered on the family relationship of same-sex partners.
Members of the Noe Ito Centennial Project, launched by volunteers in their hometown of Fukuoka, on Aug. 23
JAPAN / History
Sep 11, 2023
Life of anarchist-feminist revisited 100 years after her murder
Noe Ito raised her voice for oppressed women of the time throughout her often turbulent life.
Non-Japanese residents make up over 8% of the population of Kani, Gifu Prefecture, making it one of the country's most multicultural cities.
Sep 7, 2023
Kani residents take to the stage to promote cultural empathy
One of the most multicultural cities in Japan is using the theater to try and address common cultural misconceptions.
A woman wears traditional Uyghur clothing for a photo shoot in the Old Kashgar tourist area in China's northwestern Xinjiang region.
Sep 6, 2023
State-backed tourism booms in China's troubled Xinjiang
Kashgar, once an ancient Silk Road oasis, was recently on the front lines of Beijing's sweeping anti-terrorism campaign in the northwestern region.
A statue of Lady Justice is seen at the Court of Final Appeal building in Hong Kong on Tuesday as the city's top court ruled in favor of same-sex partnerships, including civil unions, though it stopped short of granting full marriage rights in a partial win for the city's LGBTQ community.
ASIA PACIFIC / Crime & Legal
Sep 5, 2023
Hong Kong's top court rules to recognize same-sex civil unions
The ruling, a partial win for the city's LGBTQ community, stopped short of granting full marriage rights.
Director Tatsuya Mori (center) conducts a pre-shoot check for the movie "September 1923" at Kameoka, Kyoto Prefecture, in September 2022.
JAPAN / History
Sep 1, 2023
Efforts ongoing to document 1923 Kanto quake's Korean massacre
In the aftermath of the quake, many Korean residents were massacred over false rumors that they were causing riots or poisoning wells.
Gigi Chao, vice chair of Cheuk Nang Holdings, in Hong Kong on July 19
BUSINESS / Companies
Aug 31, 2023
More LGBTQ rights could help Asian financial hubs draw global talent
In Japan, the only Group of Seven nation without legal protection for same-sex unions, corporations are seen as a key driver for change.
Protesters applaud during a demonstration called by feminist associations in support of Spain's midfielder Jenni Hermoso in Madrid on Monday.
SOCCER / Women's World cup
Aug 31, 2023
Spain must break 'pact of silence' over sexism, equality minister says
The minister said she hoped the backlash created by Spanish Football Association chief Luis Rubiales' kiss will serve as a point of inflection.


Father's Day is said to have come to Japan around 1950, shortly after the establishment of Mother's Day.
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