Review excerpt: Spice Lab Tokyo balances the maximalist complexity of Indian recipes with Japanese cuisine’s understated grace.

Review excerpt: Chef Akihiro Seto makes the most fragrant and punchy Japanese curry at Kyoto's Taiyo, dressed with a soaring combination of vegetables and delivering a symphony of taste.

Review excerpt: Calayer has become a popular destination for heavy metal fans and musicians in Kansai. Where else can you enjoy a meal and a cold beer while listening to Slayer in the background?

Review excerpt: Oxymoron Komachi manages to hit an addictive middle ground between classic Japanese roux-based curry rice and the spicier, often overly ghee-rich styles from South Asia.

Review excerpt: The flavors are light and as bright as the turquoise plates they’re served on at Good Luck Curry, with neither the gloopy richness of Japanese-style roux-based curries nor the oil-heavy style found in northern India.

Review excerpt: Staying on the Everest side of the menu, there’s no shortage of noodle dishes at Taj Mahal Everest, which will probably appeal to people who like Japanese food.

Review excerpt: Kissaten Nasu is a traditional cafe. But it’s also a curry shop and a jazz cafe, and the master might just be one of the most dapper and suave cafe owners this side of Tokyo.

Review excerpt: At Venu's South Indian Dining you’ll find cardamom and cassia bark, cumin and cloves, plenty of peppercorns and appropriate levels of chili heat. Along with the 20 or more curries, they also produce great dosa pancakes.

Review excerpt: Besides coffee, Suzuya’s other specialty is curry. The beef curry, which is served in the kind of silver jug that wouldn’t be out of place at a banquet, as well as a big bowl of rice and salad on the side.

Review excerpt: The curry pot at Tabaccoya is on a slow boil throughout the day, with ingredients continually being fed into it. Little had changed when I returned: it was just as dark and “intimate” as I remembered. This is a counter only joint; ...

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