Review excerpt: Ebisu's Frau Krumm, started by retired tennis star Kimiko Date, focuses on German bread and pastries, along with a mix of French and Japanese products.

Review excerpt: Vaner is Tokyo’s first (and right now the only) bakery specializing in traditional Norwegian-style whole-wheat bread.

Review excerpt: At its core, By Twotone is a bakery and cafe slotted into a narrow space that has the deliberate emptiness of a gallery.

Review excerpt: 365 Nichi is an excellent little bakery that has been operating day in, day out, even at new year, ever since it opened in 2013.

Review excerpt: Le Sucre-Couer takes their bread seriously, and the lineup on display behind the glass counters should render even the most impulsive indecisive.

Review excerpt: With both of the daily lunch sets on offer you can eat as much you want, and customers do, loading up twee baskets with curry-flavored bread and more at Kyoto's Tentation d'Ange.

Like Fujiwara, the Cafe de Rope name has been around for decades, and here it has come up with a retro take on an old favorite: toast. Thick cuts of standard-issue white bread are topped with a pat of Hokkaido butter, in classic kissaten ...

This casual all-day cafe has its own bakery — turning out excellent cakes, croissants and hearty, wholesome sourdough bread — and it also has a fine little deli section offering American classics of past and present, from meat loaf and pastrami to red-lentil hummus, ...

Partnered with an organic supermarket that deals with local farmers, bakers and candlestick makers, Organic Cafe Polan no Hiroba uses ingredients that are extremely fresh and of exceedingly high quality; not the polished clones you may find at the supermarket, but knobbly veggies that ...

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