For Japan to get serious about social distancing, the need for which is clear, its rulers must first get serious about the problems they face and create.

Many pachinko parlors are booming now — not only is gambling illegal no matter how much the government twists the law on casinos — but they will soon be busting Japan open with coronavirus infections.

So why are they so brazenly operating when many other sectors are trying to put a lid on Pandora's Pandemic?

Rumor has it that the government would prefer to keep taking in the profits and to hell with the risks — maybe they think happy pachinko players would also vote for them at the election — but the risk they take and create is too much.

If anyone in government is profiting by ignoring such risks they should be jailed, but it seems that from cherry blossom parties to Moritomo scandals the government turns a blind eye to its own dealings as long as they have a monopoly stranglehold on leadership — aye there's the rub.

David John
Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture

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