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Jason Pierre’s July 26 letter, “Adults accountable for bullying,” appears to be criticism of bureaucracy and a call for lawful action. I agree that setting up a ministry task force won’t change anything; it will once again take the problem away from the people.

I think Japanese society is sensitive enough to start acting correctly when it is made aware of a problem and is shown possibilities for solving it. For example, education campaigns could inform kids about bullying, set down consequences for bullies and show the bullied that the problem will be taken care of when he/she talks about it. When a parent notices a change in behavior, the school should be informed so that an investigation can start. The important thing is for parents and the school to cooperate.

For these actions to become natural in society, anti-bullying campaigns are required, including posters in and around schools with catchy phrases, informative classes on bullying and its consequences, etc. There is lots of information to get out.

In today’s society, which is centered on social media, such information can make its way to intended recipients faster than before and will have more effect with the public at large.

Fear of standing up for oneself or for others still prevails. A new awareness and the will to act must be awakened. Only then will we be able to act against bullying and make sure that our children learn to live together in peace.

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tyas huybrechts

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