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I would like to applaud The Japan Times for its June 3 editorial, “Quickstep to restarting reactors,” which exposes the illogic of Japan restarting nuclear reactors. The many technical reasons, such as dubious computer models and out-of-date equipment used at the power plants, flatly refute the supposed urgency claimed by the “nuclear village” for a sudden restart. As the editorial notes, this blundering mentality is a sure sign of the “further deterioration of the quality of Japan’s politics” — as if that were possible!

We now know that nuclear energy is a fraud foisted on the public as a cover for nuclear weapons and other money-grabbing reasons. As Martin Cohen and Andrew McKillop write in their book “The Doomsday Machine”: “Nuclear energy is incredibly expensive as well as fantastically dangerous. … One might ask why, if nuclear power is the energy of the future, it has taken so long for it to supply less than 6 percent of the world’s energy. Even this meager achievement accounts only for commercial energy, excluding the requirements of world total primary energy of all kinds. In that case, nuclear power’s share drops even further, to about 2.5 percent.”

A majority of people are against restarting the reactors because they do not trust that their health will be protected by the nuclear industry or by the government if another accident occurs. The politicians disagree, proving they do not honestly or accurately represent their constituencies.

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richard wilcox

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