I am very glad that more Japanese appear to be viewing interracial marriages in a positive light. However, I am dismayed that we still do not have any form of recognition of gay marriage. In fact, we do not even have any domestic partnership rules in effect so that gay couples in Japan can do little other than put each other in their wills.

How terrible! Worse yet, we do not allow gay Japanese citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their foreign partners to come to Japan to live. Why is this so? Why can’t Japan be more open and follow the path that so many other countries are taking in this day and age? We claim to be an open and liberal nation, so let’s stop listening to all the naysayers who claim that such a rule will destroy our moral fiber.

Let us for once try to be a step ahead of the United States and enact sponsorship for same-sex partner immigration as well as domestic partnership laws. This is one thing that Japan can do to attract more immigrants, and keep them.

Interracial marriage in Japan today is quite widespread. That’s good. But let’s not forget that we have millions of gay citizens who do not have basic rights such as the right to marry and the right to sponsor their foreign partners.

hidesato sakakibara