What’s amazing is that more than 30 investigators jumped on this case. Does it really take that many? If it was a Japanese man that was suspected of this type of crime, would there be the same amount of involvement and publicity?

From my observations I believe that the people of Okinawa and their elected government officials should pay more attention to the youth. There are so many children between the ages of 12 and 16 out every night after midnight.

What disturbs me is that adults never take a stand and confront these children. I have seen police in popular night-life places driving around without questioning any of the youth. The issue of underage youth being out on the streets well after their curfew needs to be addressed by the public.

There are two areas that I know of in Okinawa where a man can go and solicit sex with a lady: Yoshihara and Maehara. You can either walk or drive down street after street checking out the merchandise — women. I thought this was illegal.

The American military in Okinawa love this island, its culture and its people. We have done so for more than 60 years. And I think our actions have proven our feelings a thousand times more than the crimes committed by so few. If the marine in this case is guilty, he should be held to the highest standards of the law and receive the harshest penalty. I don’t believe you would find one American who would disagree.

j. hilltop