China's ethnic Yi struggle against poverty

For Jisi Lazuo, the torch festival in her village in southwest China should be a celebration involving colorful ethnic clothes and eating freshly slaughtered pig. Instead, it's a time of stress. "In my heart I always get worried when the torch festival comes along," said Jisi, 37, who supports a family of ...

More North Korean defectors seen slipping into Thailand

/ Aug 2, 2017

More North Korean defectors seen slipping into Thailand

The number of North Koreans slipping illegally into Thailand has surged in recent months, according to immigration bureau officials, as tensions mount on the Korean Peninsula because of Pyongyang's weapons programs. Thailand is on a popular transit route for North Koreans defecting from the impoverished ...

/ Jun 25, 2017

Pakistan issues first transgender passport

Pakistan has issued its first third-gender passport to a transgender activist, who hailed the move as a step forward for the marginalized community in the deeply conservative South Asian country. Farzana Riaz, a transgender in the northwestern city of Peshawar, said the new passport would ...