Storm to lash northern Japan with high waves, strong winds

Staff Report

High waves and stormy conditions are expected to batter Hokkaido especially along the Sea of Japan coast until early Tuesday evening, the Meteorological Agency said in the morning.

The agency issued warnings against stormy conditions and high waves in areas along the Sea of Japan coasts of northern Japan affected by a developing low pressure system north of Hokkaido.

Parts of Akita and Aomori prefectures in northern Honshu, Hokkaido’s Oshima/Hiyama, Ishikari/Sorachi/Shiribeshi, and Soya areas were among areas under the warning.

High waves were also expected to continue buffeting the Tohoku region until Tuesday morning.

Maximum wind speeds of 79.2 kph on land and 82.8 kph at sea were expected Tuesday in Hokkaido, while the expected maximum instantaneous wind speed in the prefecture was forecast to hit 126 kph on both land and sea.

Waves reaching 7 meters were forecast for Hokkaido and the Tohoku coast was bracing for waves of 6 meters.

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