As President Xi Jinping pledges to clean up government corruption in China, an unlikely group of self-styled whistle-blowers has emerged: jilted mistresses.

The latest is 26-year-old Ji Yingnan, who says she discovered at the end of last year that her fiance, a powerful Communist Party official in Beijing, had been married with a teenage son the entire time they were together.

In recent weeks, Ji has released hundreds of photos online that give a rare window into the life of a central government official who — despite his modest salary — was apparently able to lavish his mistress with luxury cars, go on shopping sprees at Prada and tuck more than $1,000 in cash into Ji's purse every day when they first met. "I never imagined that the one I loved so much, the one I gave so much love to, the one who lived four years with me, would become my enemy one day," said Ji on a recent rainy evening at a 24-hour KFC near her apartment, where she says she stays holed up for days at a time.