Marx, Lenin face ax; SDF to get nod The Japanese Communist Party on Tuesday proposed temporarily recognizing the existence of the Self-Defense Forces and revising the party’s constitution to drop a preamble that upholds Marxism-Leninism.

Tetsuzo Fuwa, chairman of the JCP Presidium, proposed the revision at the seventh Central Committee Plenum of the JCP, held at party headquarters in Tokyo.

In the proposed new constitution, the preamble, which states that the JCP “is the vanguard political party of the Japanese working class,” and upholds Marxism-Leninism, which it calls “scientific socialism,” will be dropped as its theoretical basis. The proposal would also eliminate the words “socialist revolution” from the party constitution.

Instead, the party would insert a new clause that states the JCP “is the political party of the Japanese working class and at the same time a political party of the Japanese people.”

The constitutional revisions are expected to be officially adopted at the 22nd party convention to be held in November. It is the first proposed revision since the adoption of the JCP charter in July 1958.

JCP Secretariat head Kazuo Shii proposed a draft of a resolution to be adopted at the plenum, which says, “We cannot avoid recognizing the SDF as existing for a limited period of time, although the party still regards the SDF as unconstitutional.”

Shii explained the reasoning for the revision by saying, “It is only natural to put the already existing SDF to practical use for the security of the Japanese people when needed.”

The JCP maintains that the existence of the SDF contravenes Japan’s war-renouncing Constitution.

The draft resolution also says that cooperation with other opposition parties has not progressed enough for the party to join a coalition government.

Political analysts said the JCP’s moves to recognize the SDF and to revise its constitution are aimed at paving the way for the party to join a coalition government sometime in the future.

However, the JCP is still leaving the party program unchanged. The seven-chapter program says the JCP aims to realize revolution to confront American imperialism and to oppose the occupation by capitalism.

The party constitution states party rules and activities, while the party program states the basic aim and platform of the party, according to the JCP.

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