Business leaders from Peru and Japan confirmed their resolve Sept. 9 to strengthen bilateral economic ties despite the hostage crisis that ended in April at the Japanese ambassador’s residence in Lima.

About 140 business people and government officials participated in the two-day meeting of the Business Council between Japan and Peru. The participants discussed such subjects as political and economic issues, privatization in Peru, and the recent development of regional economic unification in Central and South America.

“This meeting was the first gathering after the hostage crisis (began) late last year. We could have a very fruitful meeting,” said Kazuo Haruna, a representative of the Japanese side. During the meeting, it was reported that committees were set up in both Japan and Peru to promote the cooperation between governmental and private business sectors in proceeding the arrangement of infrastructure in Peru.

“In the committee, we will study what we can do for the arrangement of infrastructure needed to promote economic development in Peru,” Haruna said. “The arrangement of infrastructure is needed in many fields in Peru such as roads, ports and airports. We will help select projects to improve the level of production activities and lead to competitiveness,” said Jose Valdez, a representative of Peru.

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