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都は「花見時期は混雑が予想される。禁止はできないが、自粛に理解を」と説明。シーズン中は職員を各公園に派遣し、宴会に自粛を求める予定という。 (KYODO)

Words and phrases

東京都 (とうきょうと) the metropolis of Tokyo [acts as a stand-in for the metropolitan government]

4日 (よっか) the 4th

新型(しんがた)コロナウイルス novel coronavirus

感染防止 (かんせんぼうし) infection prevention

~のため for~

桜 (さくら) cherry blossom

名所 (めいしょ) famous place

~として知(し)られる to be known as~

上野公園 (うえのこうえん) Ueno Park

台東区 (たいとうく) Taito Ward

など and others

都立公園 (とりつこうえん) metropolitan park

飲食 (いんしょく) drinking and eating

~を伴(ともな)う to accompany~

宴会 (えんかい) drinking party

~を控(ひか)える to refrain from~ [when 控える is used with noun about act/behavior of people, it means “to refrain from”]

呼(よ)び掛(か)ける to call for, to appeal

間近(まぢか)に just around the corner

控(ひか)える to be upcoming [when 控える is used with a time-related noun, it means “to be upcoming”]

花見 (はなみ) blossom viewing

シーズン season

念頭(ねんとう)にする to keep in mind

措置 (そち) measure, move

都 (と) metropolis [metropolitan government]

~によると according to~

82カ所 (はちじゅうにかしょ) 82 spots

例年 (れいねん) average year

300万人 (さんびゃくまんにん) 3 million people

~以上 (~いじょう) more than~

訪(おとず)れる to visit

~のほか in addition to~

井の頭公園 (いのかしらこうえん) Inokashira Park

代々木公園 (よよぎこうえん) Yoyogi Park

多(おお)い many

時期 (じき) time period

混雑 (こんざつ) congestion

予想(よそう)される to be expected

禁止 (きんし) prohibition

できない unable

自粛 (じしゅく) self-restraint

理解 (りかい) understanding

説明 (せつめい) explanation

~中 (~ちゅう) during~

職員 (しょくいん) official

各 (かく) each

派遣(はけん)する to send

求(もと)める to request, demand

予定 (よてい) plan

Quick questions

1) 花見シーズンの前に、東京都は何を呼び掛けましたか?

2) 都によると、都立公園はいくつありますか?

3) シーズン中はどんな措置が取られる予定ですか?


In order to prevent infection from the novel coronavirus, The metropolis of Tokyo appealed [to people] on the 4th to refrain from [the kind of] drinking and eating that accompanies parties in metropolitan parks that are famous cherry blossom spots such as Ueno Park (Taito Ward). It’s a move that keeps in mind the upcoming blossom-viewing season, which is just around the corner.

According to Tokyo, there are 82 metropolitan parks, and in addition to Ueno Park, which is visited by more than 3 million people in the average year’s blossom-viewing season, there are many famous cherry blossom spots including Inokashira Park, Yoyogi Park and more.

A city [spokesperson] explains, “The blossom-viewing period is expected to be crowded. We can’t prohibit [parties, but ask you to] keep self-restraint in mind.” During the season, officials will be dispatched to each park, requesting [people] to show self-restraint [when it comes to] parties.


1) What has the Tokyo Metropolitan Government called for ahead of blossom viewing season?


It has called for people to refrain from holding parties in metropolitan parks.

2) According to the Tokyo government, how many metropolitan parks are there?


82 spots (parks).

3) What kind of measures are planned to be taken during the season?


Officials are to be dispatched to each park to urge people to refrain from holding parties there.

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