Harajuku sweets shop Gomaya Kuki specializes in all things sesame seed. Tucked away in the side streets connecting Harajuku with Omotesando, this space explores just how many ways the flavor can star in different sweets.

The main offering is ice cream. Gomaya Kuki sell a variety of scoops, ranging from the triple rich black to the slightly less inviting chunky multigrain. But I'd recommend keeping it simple with the salted sesame, which gets right to the point without going overboard. Get the two-flavor set for ¥500.

But save room for some of the special in-store only offerings, which range from a red bean soup featuring a scoop of goma (sesame) ice cream in the center (¥680) to a "super fluffy" pancake topped off with two balls of sesame ice cream (¥1,000). Whatever you go with, Gomaya Kuki is a must for fans of sesame looking for new angles on the flavor.