I like soccer. I like to watch it. I even tried to play it a few times when I was a kid, though I was not good at sports that didn't require me to use my hands, so I switched to tennis and basketball. But I can imagine how skillful you have to be to play football well, and how much fun and how exciting all that passing and dribbling and tackling and shooting must be if you are good at it.

There are those, though, who don't aspire to be a Ronaldo, a Ronaldinho or a Shunsuke Nakamura, yet who still seek more — and different excitement — through the sport. Some such folk play soccer while riding a bike.

These two-wheeled Diego Maradonas bash, pass and shoot — not with an infamous "hand of god" — but only with the wheels of their bikes that are specially designed for the sport. Their game is called "cycle soccer," or "cycleball," and usually each team numbers just two players. If you are from Europe, you might be familiar with this, as the sport is now more popular there than in Japan.