Due to a spate of out-of-town excursions and hiking expeditions, lately I've felt the need to just sit down and enjoy moments of lounging bliss. Here is a selection of chairs, benches and sofas that not only act as elegant interior additions to the home, but more importantly, will encourage you to take a load off.

Living in Japan, you become accustomed to sitting on the floor, usually on tatami mats, and often on some sort of zabuton cushion or legless chair. Even though legless Japanese chairs are nothing new, the Kan chair from designer Hisanobu Tsujimura manages to break the mold and offer a stylish new twist to a traditional mainstay. Produced by manufacturer Tendo Mokko, it's a lovely example of how a chair's frame can be pared down to its essential form, and still be functional. The lack of symmetry in the arm rests adds an interesting touch, and makes this a product that is sure to stand out wherever it gets placed.