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Tsuyoshi Hisakado: Practice of Spiral

Tsuyoshi Hisakado uses everyday materials and phenomena, referencing memories of location and history that challenge the notions of perception, eternity and our relationship with physical objects. As an up-and-coming contemporary artist, he has won various awards, including the 2015 Audience Award at the Nissan Art Award and the 2016 VOCA Award at the VOCA Exhibition.

This is Hisakado’s first large-scale solo exhibition, featuring installations of light, sound and sculptural works, presented in four large rooms of the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art. The museum’s spiral architecture and interiors become part of the immersive experience that encourages visitors to experience the art from different perspectives and angles.

Works on display include “Practice of Spiral” (2019), “Pause” (2016), “Gale” (2017) and “after that” (2013). (Yukari Tanaka)

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