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Kobe is known as one of the more fashion-forward cities in the Kansai region, which may be why it has a healthy arts scene, with a vibrant music culture steeped in jazz and many good museums.

A good way to take in all that Kobe has to offer is to check out Advent, which strives to show off the brightest new artists, artisans and performers mainly from the Kansai region. The event is set to welcome around 30 budding artists to take center stage and give prominence to a wide range of art.

Advent will be held at Stage Felissimo, a multipurpose space on Design Creative Center's second floor, near Port Terminal Station. Among the participating artists are florists 4ch & Kanami, sculptor Aiko Kim, yōkai (supernatural monsters) painter Naotaka Sawai and photographers Takuya Yoneda and Yuka Shibata.

Visitors are encouraged to support the careers of these artists by buying their work. Most of the exhibitors will be present at the venue, so you will have the chance to mingle and discuss art with them over a soft drink or a bottle of craft beer.

But that's not all. On the same floor as the artworks that are on display, there will be live performances put on by roughly a dozen dancers and music acts. Don't miss the chance to see an array of performers such as contemporary choreographer Yoko Unaki; DJ Architect, a whiz at sampling music; and a duo of sound designers known as Studio Jen, one of whose members was in charge of music production for the manga-based 2017 film "Teiichi: Battle of the Supreme High."

If that's not enough and you're up for some on-the-spot counseling, there will even be a "witch therapist" who specializes in modern numerology and reading oracle cards. (Yuki Yamauchi)