Art / Mixed Media | Nihonbashi

Do You Love Me?

Using textiles, photography and video, this group exhibition focuses on relationships between mothers, fathers and children.

Annie Bungeroth used photography in her series ‘Fred’ to create an intimate observation of her father’s dementia and found that through this process their relationship was also able to reach new levels. Vietnamese artist Bang Nhat Ling’s video work looks at patriarchy as both personal experience and social construction. Hana Sakuma uses her father’s collection of Indonesian Batik shirts as a consideration of connection and selfhood in parent-child relations. Junko Otake’s birthday party paper chains, created with used family clothing, is ambivalent about the ‘ties that bind’, being both celebratory and portentous. In John L Tran’s photos, visual representation and biological offspring are considered as media of reproduction, and Kyoko Ebata documents the dynamics of her parent’s relationship from the point of view of a privileged, but obligatory observer.

This exhibition is supported by Art Autonomy Network [AAN] and NICA: Nihonbashi Institute of Contemporary Arts.