We at The Japan Times have described “Terrace House” on multiple occasions as the ultimate show to help you unwind after a long day. That's mostly because there's none of the intense, emotionally triggering drama that other reality TV shows tend to rely on.

Once in a while, our reverie is interrupted with “incidents” — the “girl fight” between Risako and Haruka, the "beer bottle incident" with Toshiyuki and, most recently, the double date in Kyoto. Now, the show's much-lauded sense of serenity, the very thing it has been lauded for by critics overseas, has been tossed aside with the “costume incident.”

The house is still dealing with the fallout from a disastrous weekend trip that Hana, Yume, Toshiyuki and Kai went on during the previous episode. The biggest takeaway from their two days in Kyoto, besides Toshiyuki coming off as objectively creepy due to his treatment of Yume, is the fact that Kai has been unmasked as a bit of a freeloader. The trip was not a good look for the boys, with Toshiyuki displaying some pretty problematic behavior and Kai coming off like a bit of a freeloader.