Our newsfeeds lit up this week about something rather sickening. Was it COVID-19? No. We’re talking about the titular “Bottled Beer Incident.” But before we dive into that, we have to welcome some new faces.

Toshiyuki Niino, aka “Shachō” (Boss), wastes zero time in chatting up the ladies, despite having moved in only an episode ago. On Tupas and Emika’s last night in the house, he engages in some light banter with Emika about sparking a connection and heading up to the playroom together, but Tupas politely, yet firmly, puts his foot down. “Don’t you dare,” he says as the roommates giggle. After the happy couple moves out the next morning, Shacho makes plans with Hana to have dinner at a seafood restaurant that very night. “I’m not emotionally prepared,” she jokes, but she looks excited.

Immediately after that conversation, Shacho asks out Vivi. She laughs at his blunt invitation but takes it in her stride, telling him she’s free for dinner but she needs to be home early — all while awkwardly scrubbing the dishes and avoiding eye contact. Just like that, the new guy has two dates booked. I guess you can’t be a boss without being a go-getter. (His introductory bio says he’s been single for a month.)