A cafe themed around the globally popular "Sailor Moon" manga and anime series opened Monday in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, featuring special food items, songs and goods.

Located in the Kabukicho entertainment district, Anion Station, usually a bar that plays anime soundtracks, will operate as the Sailor Moon Cafe until Sept. 28.

On the menu are items such as sodas representing the color of each of the series' characters, along with food boasting star and moon-shaped toppings.

The cafe also plays "Sailor Moon" songs requested by customers and will host screenings of "Sailor Moon Crystal," a reboot of the series currently airing on TV.

Tokyo-based Namco Ltd., which runs the cafe, said some of the goods for sale are only sold there.

This is the third time Anion Station has had a "Sailor Moon" makeover. This one marks the start of the second season of "Sailor Moon Crystal" in July.

Namco said the "Sailor Moon" events have been popular among both domestic and overseas female fans, and that foreign visitors were among the people who dropped by to get posters during a press preview event Monday.

Those wishing to visit the cafe must make a reservation at www.namco.co.jp/anion/collabo/ (in Japanese).