The adorable, cute-as-pie Mugiko is all Shiba. And people familiar with Shibas will know to expect a lot more than just a pretty face.

The breed expresses its numerous likes and dislikes clearly, and its variegated personality and strong sense of self causes fans to love them a lot. Mugiko is an 8-year-old curvy girl who tips the scales at 9 kilograms. She loves affection, but when she’s not keen on something, she’ll let you know.

She has piercing eyes, and we think she knows it. When Mugiko wags her tail, her whole body seems to dance, which will (if the eyes haven’t already) melt your heart.

However, Mugiko does not like having to share the showers of affection she feels are her birthright. It’s preferable that she is the only non-human in the home. No cats! And no small children, as they are classified together with cats and other non-humans in Mugiko’s book.

She’s in Tokyo, and new to ARK, having arrived this April after her owner passed away. She’s most likely still grieving, and time will surely see her relax, but Mugiko will always be something of a diva. She’s likely to get scooped up quickly. Yes, she needs to be the center of attention, but when she is, she is also quite a delight!

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