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Golden years: a dog named Goma

Paths cross, as fate often has it, and they crossed one day for Goma and a young woman on her way to buy some sesame, which is how Goma got his name. He was painfully thin and anemic, and marks of a collar were on his neck, indicating he was likely abandoned. He has put on weight since but could still use some more pounds. Friendly, quiet and gentle, the only thing some people would say he has going against him is his age. Goma, though very sprightly, is no spring chicken. He is, however, a gentleman, easy to get on with and fond of walks. He loves dogs and doesn’t mind cats. He’s also fine in the car. The other thing Goma needs is a good friend — someone who won’t dump him because he’s getting on in years, someone who knows to cherish every day, however slow, however numbered, and to cherish them with those who need and love you most.

If you are interested in adopting Goma, email ARK at Tokyoark@arkbark.net or call 050-1557-2763 Monday to Saturday (bilingual) for more information. Tokyo ARK is an NPO founded by Briton Elizabeth Oliver. It is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abandoned animals. All animals are vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. Prospective owners are requested to undergo a screening process.

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