Who would you like to see leading the opposition Democratic Party of Japan?

by Louisa Chan

Keiichi Kamikawa
Musician, 38
Katsuya Okada would make a great leader because he’s serious and direct. I think he would be a good challenger for Taro Aso, who’s not an effective leader.

Noriko Ikeshita
Housewife, 60
I hope that Ichiro Ozawa gets a second chance at leading the DPJ. He’s the best person for the job, as he has a strong character and a lot of political experience.

Yohei Nagase
Salesman, 30
I like Yukio Hatoyama because he’s smart. His speeches are easy to understand and he’s a better politician than Aso. I think he would make a good prime minister.

Ihoko Noda
Travel consultant, 30
I’m not really interested in Japanese politics. The DPJ needs someone confident and powerful. There’s no one I really admire, but Hatoyama would be OK for the job.

Atsushi Ogihara, 37
Associate professor
Seiji Maehara is young, well-educated and doesn’t come from a rich family with political ties. He’s worked hard to get to his position and would make a great leader.

Junko Onizawa
Travel agent, 56
I’d like to see Okada lead the DPJ, as he doesn’t have strong connections with Ozawa. Also, he hasn’t been involved in corruption, which is very important.