What should people volunteer their time for?


Chelsea McDonald
Teacher, 20 (Canadian)
One of the most important things is poverty in third world countries. While other people are starving and don’t have clothes, we waste what we’ve been given.

Bill White
Editor, 48 (American)
People should have to spend one day with a family of another culture — from the time they wake up until the time they go to sleep — to help break down cultural barriers.

Kayoko Masuda
Sales, 26
Now the most important thing is to help the environment — to cut carbon dioxide and plant more trees. After that we can start to help poor countries.

Shuto Miyakozawa
Student, 23
People should help the environment by cleaning beaches, etc. In Australia I saw beautiful beaches, and when I came back I realized Japan’s beaches are so dirty.

Patti Sablich
Teacher, 47 (American)
The environment would be number one, and empowering women. Women have much more intuition and I think that’s what the world needs to find a level of peace.

Steve Holland
U.S. Navy officer, 40
I’d say world hunger. There’s just no need for starving people. My colleagues and I sometimes make rice balls and hand them out to people on the streets.